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MCH Financial Group provides rapid loan and credit services to businesses and individuals all throughout the United States. With strategic income assessment and keen financial insight, we make credit available quickly, reliably, and with far greater flexibility than bureaucratic institutions.

Our mission is to help hardworking families find a more fiscally forward position. Combining improved credit reports and lower-rate, more affordable credit programs, we make the future more promising—especially for those looking to get past the present.

MCH helps you:

Buy/renovate a home

In addition to procuring funds, we help improve your credit score and clean your history so lenders offer you attractive mortgage rates.

Grow your portfolio

Pick up opportunistic real estate and other smart acquisitions without the need to present business plans or proofs of concept.

Build a business

We’re cheaper than a partner! Get cash quickly without tapping the private sector. All we charge is a small percentage as a consulting fee.

Fund college/wedding

Approach significant life events with peace of mind and the liquidity to remain financially healthy. Worry less, celebrate more.

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